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Soak into something strange. In this limited issue of Hamam, dive into the weird and sometimes wild bathing culture that surrounds us. We invite you to consider how sometimes the strangest things are actually normal, and the most normal things are truly strange.

Allow your curiosity to guide you through this limited issue. Explore sculptural soap ears, and peruse Ruth Kaplan’s photography of bathers across the world around the turn of the millennium. Contemplate the sea as a strange fantasyland in French New Wave cinema, and many more stories and pieces that venture into the unknown and the obscure. 


Erdem Varol

"Recipes and Remedies: Everything Is Connected"
César Debargue

"Akaname: The Filth Licker"
Mikkel Aaland

"Soap Ears"
Sarah Gallina

Erdem Varol

"That Mothers Might Live"
Kelly Kleinschrodt

"Virtual World Kiss"
Jess Johnson

"Strange Bathers"
Ruth Kaplan

Park Wung Gyu

"Common Occurrences: Yushi Li ’s Prosaic Fantasies"
Rachel Walther

"Ritual Alchemy: On Rabyn Blake’s Mudpool"
Virginia Broersma

"Virtual World Kiss"
Jess Johnson

"Watery Grave: The French New Wave’s Southern Excursions"
Rachel Walther

Erdem Varol

"Love & Water"
Alessandra Pozzuoli

"Soaking Wet"
Hana Ćurak and Bojan Stojčić in Conversation

Meet the artist: Pamela Council
*Cover Photo


Each story features illustrations, artwork, or photography. Every issue is 112 pages, printed on Munken Print White and UPM Finesse silk in Istanbul, Turkey, and available to be shipped worldwide. A limited number of each issue printed.

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