Bundle: Dedication & Heat

Bundle: Dedication & Heat

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A bundle of two issues of HAMAM: Dedication and Heat. Limited copies printed of both.

In Dedication, explore the first-ever issue of HAMAM. Dedicated to the unconventional spirits with open hearts, creative minds, and big ideas. Experience bathing through a local swimming association in Palau, a historic look at the Turkish bath in the British Isles, and much more.

Then, turn up the heat as you soak and flip through the pages of Heat. An artful ode to the transformative and renewing power of heat, find yourself transported to Turkish hamams through Ahmet Sel’s portraits, learn the art of perfecting the platza, and other stories, insights, and interviews.

In every issue of HAMAM, each story features illustrations, artwork, or photography. Every issue is 112 pages, printed on Munken Print White and UPM Finesse silk in Istanbul, Turkey, and available to be shipped worldwide. A limited number of each issue printed.

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