Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack

Open - 5 Pack

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This issue of Hamam is not just dedicated to the freedom that comes with bathing, but also to vulnerability and openness — simply another way for us to let go. Let the water be a medium to allow yourself to be seen. 


With an open mind and this issue in hand, consider the many ways we can let go, whether that’s through documentary photography of British naturists or an exploration into Japanese sento. Or contemplate lum, medicinal soaking in Tibet, and the impact of a communal footbath in Amsterdam.


Each story features illustrations, artwork, or photography. Every issue is 112 pages, printed on Munken Print White and UPM Finesse silk in Istanbul, Turkey, and available to be shipped worldwide. A limited number of each issue printed.


In This Issue:

Sweat Art in the Time of COVID-19

Mikkel Aaland

Recipes and Remedies: A Reflecting Ritual

Calx Vida

To Thank the Waters for Their Healing Magic

Lillianne Atlihan

Bathstage Music

Carolina Caldeira in conversation with Lindsey Westbrook

Young British Naturists

Laura Pannack

Contrast That Brings You Closer: Termas Geométricas

Şebnem Şoher

Who You Will Be Naked With

Rachel Walther on César Debargue

Absurdly Large and Out of Place

Yelizaveta Strakhova

Routine Pleasures: Lust and Lather in Deep End

Rachel Walther

Riches of Embarrassment

Barry Sykes in conversation with Yvonne Billimore

The Center Is a Ghost

Em Kettner and Luis Estrada

The Way of the Schmeiss

Mika Meskanen

The Benefits of Digesting Oneself

Lara Ögel

Soap Colloquium: Coming of Age in a Tub

Meher Varma


Mary Herbert

Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack
Open - 5 Pack