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Ready for you to soak in. This limited issue is dedicated to water and its consistent power to erode, transform, and reveal. While with bathing we think of water in its literal sense, we encourage you to consider it in all its forms and its symbolic meanings as you flip through these pages.

In this issue, encounter the haenyeo, or women of the sea, as they dive into the waters of the Korea Straight. Explore Martin Bogren’s documentary photography of men who traveled from Rajasthan to Goa to see the ocean for the first time, and discover a colorful exploration of the modern Japanese sento. All of this, and much more.


"Bathing Like Rumi"
Mikkel Aaland

"Finding Comfort in Cold Water"
Charlotte Boates

"Recipes and Remedies. Bathing with Herbs: A Self-Love Practice"
Alexandra Tse

"Banya 94706"
Brian Glubok

Peter Velikov

"Grandma Divers"
Alain Schroeder

"Unveiling the Steam"
Osman Can Yerebakan on Sinan Tuncay

"The Encounter"
Ali Taptik on Martin Bogren

"How Japan Gets Wet"
Stephanie Crohin

"Both the Sea and the Earth"
Şebnem Şoher

"Strolling among Ruins of the Glamorous"
Michal Solarski

"Kind Steam"
Bryon MacWilliams

"Wet Dreams Take an Eternity to Dry"
Kaya Genç on Urara Tsuchiya

"Showering Underwater"
Steve Weiner

"Boiling, Roasting, and Smoking"
Ege Okal on Li Jin

"Listening to Our Inner Universe"
Nate Martinez

"Social Soaking: Iceland’s National Pastime"
Jim Gladstone


Each story features illustrations, artwork, or photography. Every issue is 112 pages, printed on Munken Print White and UPM Finesse silk in Istanbul, Turkey, and available to be shipped worldwide. A limited number of each issue printed.

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