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HAMAM Magazine

Bundle: Open & Strange

Bundle: Open & Strange

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A bundle of two issues of HAMAM: Open and Strange. Limited copies printed of both.

Round out your collection of HAMAM with these collectible issues. In Open, we explore shedding our layers — literally and symbolically — whether through documentary photography of British naturists, an exploration into Japanese sento, and many other stories that encourage us to let it all go.

Then, find yourself becoming curious with Strange. Lend attention to the lesser-known and the more obscure, from sculptural soap ears to the sea as a strange fantasyland in French New Wave cinema.

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    In every issue of HAMAM, each story features illustrations, artwork, or photography. Every issue is 112 pages, printed on Munken Print White and UPM Finesse silk in Istanbul, Turkey, and available to be shipped worldwide. A limited number of each issue printed.

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